Some participants may need a visa to travel to Italy.

Participants are invited to check with the Italian consulate in their country.

The Organising Secretariat is not responsible for obtaining visas and does not provide financial support for them.



Italy is a part of the European Currency Unit and the official currency is Euro (€). 

Banks in Italy are usually open Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 15:30 PM



The climate in Rome is generally mild and continental.

The average temperature in Rome in September ranges from 15°C to 25°C



Italian is the first language. The most common foreign language is English



Italy is GMT+1

Rome 12:00 – London 11:00 – New York 12:00 – Sidney 22:00



The area code for Italy from abroad is: +39



• Breakdown Service ACI - 803116

• Police - 113

• Carabinieri - 112

• FireBrigade - 115

• Local Police – 0667691

• Customs - 117

• Police Station – 064686

• First Aid - 118

• Italian Red Cross Ambulance - 06 5510

• Chemist’s Open On A Holiday - 06 228941

• Urgent Blood Transfusion - Policlinico Umberto I - 06 49970860 - 06 49970861 

• Urgent Blood Transfusion -S. Giovanni Hospital - 06 77055563

• Permanent First Aid Station - 06 4826741 - 06 58201030

• Roman Green Cross Ambulance - 06 24302222



The voltage in Rome for private homes (and thus for hotels) is 220/240 Volts



During  the  day,  buses  and  trams  start  theservice  at  5:30  amand  run  all  day  until  Midnight  in  all  directions.  Night  busesstart theservice at 00:30am until 5:30 am. Buses leave from Piazza dei Cinquecento (Termini Train Station) and Venice Square

(Piazza Venezia) every 30 minutes in all directions. You can buy tickets for1 euroon board.

For more information about all routes, check the official Rome Public Transportation Agency, ATAC. There you’ll find all the  up-to-date information on routes, tickets, underground and urban railways, public transport maps, wait times, and all information to get around Rome. On the ATAC website there is also an useful services: route planner that allows you to enter your starting point and the destination addresses and it will provide a map of the route you should take including the buses necessary to get there.



Taxis can be called by phone or can be caught directly from the appropriate reserved taxi points, 

located in various parts of the city centre and in other suburban areas.

Otherwise you can call one these phone taxi numbers (remember, the meter starts from the time you call, not when you get in!) • Ph. 06 3570

• Ph. 06 4994

• Ph. 06 6645

• Ph. 06 5551

• Ph. 06 8822