Mansi Antonella

Occupational and Environmental Medicine, INAIL, Rome, Italy

Antonella Mansi is researcher at the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Epidemiology and Hygiene of INAIL, Rome. In institutional activities, she carries out research activity, teaching, training and standardization in the field of the detection, evaluation and control of biological agents in workplaces. She is responsible for a research line concerning the assessment of exposure risk to Legionella spp., by using rapid and sensitive molecular methods (qPCR, EMA-qPCR) able to distinguish between viable and not-viable cells in water distribution systems subjected to disinfection procedures. She is principal investigator in a research project concerning the development of innovative materials and systems used to control the microbiological contamination in indoor environments. She is author of several national and international scientific publications in the field of microbiology and occupational hygiene.