Pelaz Carmen

Institute of Health Carlos III, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain

Carmen Pelaz (PhD): Head of the Legionella Reference Laboratory in Spain, National Centre for Microbiology, Institute of Health Carlos III, Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.
Fields of expertise and responsibilities: Public health: Diagnosis and outbreak investigations, with participation in most of the LD outbreak investigations carried out in Spain.
Main tasks are Legionella isolation from clinical and environmental samples, as well as identification and typing of Legionella strains. Research: Leadership and participation in research projects of public or private funding, including tutoring of technicians, pre and post-doctoral fellows. Two main lines: Harmonization of molecular methods for Legionella species identification and epidemiological typing, in collaboration with EWGLI, and Environmental studies: Legionella sensitivity to antibiotics and disinfectant products and co-culture Legionella-Amoebae. Advice: Participation on drafting of technical documents (Norma UNE-100030-IN/2005) and specific Spanish legislation for the prevention of LD (RD865/2003).
Participation in scientific or technical committees organized after major LD outbreaks. Teaching: Organization of specific training courses regarding to prevention and control of LD, for public health workers and collaboration with other regional health institutions. She is the Spanish contact expert in microbiology for ELDSNet, and a member of the ESGLI (ESCMID).