Jarraud Sophie

National Reference Centre of Legionella, Lyon, France

Sophie Jarraud (Pharm, PhD)

is associate Professor in Microbiology in Lyon Medical School and Hospital Practitioner in Hospices Civils of Lyon. She is in charge of the French National Reference Center of Legionella and is deputy director of the “pathogenesis of Legionella” team in unit INSERM U1111 - Lyon University at the International Center for Infectiology Research in Lyon. She is the French contact expert in microbiology for ELDSNet and member of the Executive Committee of the ESCMID study Group for Legionella Infections. Her fields of expertise include diagnosis of Legionnaires’ disease, Legionella molecular typing and Legionella-host cells interactions. The aim of the Legionella pathogenesis team is to better understand some aspects of Legionella virulence from molecular mechanisms to clinical microbiology and molecular epidemiology of legionellosis.