Exner Martin

Institute for Hygiene and Public Health, University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany

Martin Exner, MD, Dr. med. Dr. h.c., Full Professor of Hygiene and Public health, Chair and Director of the Institute for Hygiene and Public Health, Managing director of the center for infectiology and infection prevention (WHO Collaborating center for Health promoting Water Management and Risk Communication)  of the University of Bonn.

President of the German Society of Hospital Hygiene, Chair of the Drinking water Commission of  the German federal ministry of health, responsible for  risk regulation including for prevention and control of Legionella infections and other waterborne risks, member and former chair of the hospital hygiene commission of the German federal Robert Koch institute, co-author of the WHO publication —  Legionella and the Prevention of Legionellosis -, co-ordinator of outbreak management of different legionellosis outbreaks in Germany,  including the biggest outbreak of Legionellosis in Warstein 2013, and reviewing these experiences for risk management and risk regulation  for different guidelines.